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WEC 46: Kamal Shalorus Beats Dave Jansen

Kamal Shalorus won the unanimous decision over Dave Jansen, handing the Team Quest fighter the first loss of his career at WEC 46 in Sacramento, Calif.

Shalorus, a 2004 Olympic wrestler with an affinity towards throwing leather, outwrestled and outpunched Jansen through three rounds for scores of 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

The word "world-class" is often thrown around regularly to described talented wrestlers in MMA. Shalorus provided a better measure of comparison for what true world-class level grappling is. Shalorus effortless took Jansen down four times, while Jansen, who had been wrestling since six and competed two years collegiately for the University of Oregon, failed to score a single takedown in double-digit attempts.

"I know Dave Jansen is a good wrestler, but I'm a world class wrestler," Shalorus said. "I'm an Olympian. I'm a champion. That's why I try to improve. No one can take me down."

The Iranian-born wrestler rocked Jansen twice in the first round, opening a cut over Jansen's left eye. In the third round, Shalorus briefly dropped Jansen with a right hand counter to a leg kick. Jansen's best round was the second, where he shook Shalorus with a right hand.

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