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Rampage Jackson Sentenced to Three Years Probation

Quinton JacksonQuinton "Rampage" Jackson was sentenced to three years' informal probation Friday for hitting three vehicles with his truck and fleeing police in a July 2008 incident in Newport Beach, Calif.

The Santa Ana, Calif., judge dismissed Jackson's felony evading police charge and upheld his conviction for misdemeanor reckless driving because he completed 200 hours of community service, submitted to random drug testing and underwent psychological counseling.

"I will never see that judge in a courtroom again," Jackson told the Orange County Register after the hearing. "I don't see myself doing anything crazy again... I want to be a positive role model."

On July 15, 2008, just 10 days after he lost his 205-pound title to Forrest Griffin at UFC 86, Jackson was arrested after driving into three cars in his lifted truck, driving on the wrong side of the road and almost hitting several pedestrians, according to police. He later said that he had been suffering from delirium due to a lack of food and sleep following the title fight.

After failing to stop at several red lights while talking on his cell phone, Jackson finally succumbed to police in Newport Beach. He was bailed out of jail several hours later by UFC president Dana White.

Since the incident, Jackson is 2-0 inside the Octagon. He briefly retired from MMA late last year after White publicly expressed his disappointment in Jackson's decision to accept a role as "B.A. Baracus" in the new A-Team movie instead of fighting Rashad Evans at UFC 107. Both sides have since patched up their differences, and Jackson is scheduled to fight Evans later this year.

Jackson's probation is scheduled to end Jan. 7, 2013.
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