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A-Team Trailer Features Rampage Jackson

The A-Team Trailer that was posted online on Friday gave UFC fans a chance to see some more details about what Rampage Jackson was doing instead of fighting in 2009: He was driving a van while reciting dialogue like "Sucks to be you, homey" and "You miss me? 'Cause I missed you."

Yes, fans are getting a sneak peak at the upcoming A-Team movie, and it's relevant to MMA solely because it's the film that deprived fans of what would have been one of the biggest fights of the year, Rampage vs. Rashad Evans. Rampage pulled out of the fight so he could film the movie, UFC President Dana White ripped Rampage's acting aspirations, and then Rampage said he'd never fight in the UFC again.

Fortunately, Rampage, Evans and White all now seem to be ready to get down to the business of putting the fight together, most likely in May, a few weeks before the movie comes out. Just in time for the UFC and the movie studio to try some promotional tie-ins to sell Rampage to the public as a star both on the screen and in the Octagon.

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