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Shinzo Machida, Brother of Lyoto, Wants to Sign With UFC

Shinzo Machida, the older brother of UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida, has two professional MMA fights on his record: The 2005 TKO win over Cristiano Rosa in the video you see here, and a submission loss to Bryan Rafiq in 2006.

But Shinzo, who has spent much more time training and competing in Shotokan Karate than in MMA, says he's ready to focus on his little brother's sport this year.

"I just fought MMA to test myself, because Lyoto was already doing it, but in 2010, fighting in MMA will be one of my goals," Shinzo told Marcelo Alonso of "I think the 70-kilogram (155-pound) class will be a nice category for me. ... It can be the WEC, UFC ... let's see."

Ordinarily a fighter with a 1-1 record who hasn't won a fight in five years would have no chance of getting a UFC contract, but nepotism might be enough to get Shinzo into the Octagon. And I'd have no problem with that: Shinzo Machida is an accomplished martial artist in his own right, and I'd love to see him try MMA on the sport's grandest stage. He'll never do in the UFC what his little brother has, but I'd be curious to see him give it a shot.

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