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Classy Joe Lauzon Congratulates Sam Stout

On his personal web site, Joe Lauzon has shown all MMA fighters the right way to act after a loss: Relax with some junk food (in Lauzon's case, he posted a picture of himself sitting in bed eating In-N-Out burgers) and congratulate your opponent.

"Great job Sam," Lauzon wrote in a message to Sam Stout, who beat him Saturday night at UFC 108. "You whooped my ass tonight. I thought I had the Kimura in the first round and thought it was over ... but you had other plans. Your standup was crisp and your cardio was way better than mine. I could hear your corner calling out stuff and still couldn't deal with it."

Although Lauzon took a beating for the latter portion of the fight, he said he feels good.

"I am doing fine this morning," Lauzon wrote. "I have a pretty nasty canvas burn on my right knee from shooting in ... but I feel okay otherwise. My left eye is a little swollen and my left leg feels like I was kicked about 50 times. Overall ... I am doing alright."

Lauzon and Stout had a great back-and-forth battle that earned both of them a $50,000 Fight of the Night bonus, and Lauzon also wrote that "the Fight of the Night bonus check is making my leg feel a LOT better."

Lauzon's brother, Dan Lauzon, also fought at UFC 108, making them the first pair of brothers to fight on the same UFC card. Dan Lauzon also lost, getting submitted by Cole Miller, and Joe Lauzon congratulated Miller as well.

The message on Lauzon's web site is pure class, and it ends with, "Great job, Sam."

Great job, Joe.

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