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UFC 108: Cole Miller Submits Dan Lauzon

Cole Miller, Dan LauzonIn a frenetic fight that packed a great deal of action into just three minutes, Cole Miller defeated Dan Lauzon with a kimura from a reverse triangle in the first round of their UFC 108 fight.

Both fighters brought their A games and went on the attack from the beginning, with Miller landing some hard punches and Lauzon then dropping Miller with a very left hand in the first minute of the fight.

But once Miller recovered he got back to his feet and then took Lauzon down, put him in a reverse triangle choke with his legs, grabbed Lauzon's arm and put it behind his back, forcingthe tapout at 3:05 of the first round.

Miller said after the fight that he didn't even remember being dropped. But MMA fans will definitely remember the show he put on Saturday night.

Miller improves his record to 16-4, with 11 wins by submission. Lauzon falls to 12-3.

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