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Alistair Overeem Wants Fedor Emelianenko in May or June

Alistair Overeem said after his easy victory at Dynamite 2009 that he's ready to start taking on much, much tougher competition: He wants to defend his Strikeforce heavyweight title against Fedor Emelianenko.

But Overeem said he wants to do it on his own timeframe, and that he wants the Fedor fight to come in May or June. That's a problem because Fedor is expected to fight in April on the next Strikeforce/M-1 Global/CBS show.

"In March I have other obligations with K-1," Overeem said. "So I think April is a little bit too close to do such an important fight. So March, K-1 and then May-June, Fedor. That's the plan."

That may be Overeem's plan, but all indications are that Fedor's plan is to return to the Strikeforce cage sooner than that. And Overeem doesn't sound like he'll be ready.

"I'm a little bit tired so first thing I'm going to take a really nice holiday," Overeem said. "I want to fight Fedor in May or June, so he's my primary target from now on. I'll be training for him and for him only."

It's a little odd that Overeem would say he's training only for Fedor but also say he'll be fighting in K-1 in March. For all of Overeem's talk about wanting to fight Fedor, the smart money is on Fabricio Werdum being Fedor's next opponent.

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