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K-1 Puts Brock Lesnar, B.J. Penn, Lyoto Machida and More on YouTube

This is great news for mixed martial arts fans: K-1 recently uploaded a couple dozen of the MMA fights in its video library to YouTube, including fights featuring UFC champions Brock Lesnar, B.J. Penn and Lyoto Machida. Above is Lesnar's MMA debut at Dynamite USA in 2007.

Here's Penn vs. Machida from 2005:

Explore the K-1 YouTube channel for more fights featuring Penn and Machida, plus Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields and a bunch of others sure to please casual and hard-core fans alike. The UFC takes a back seat to no sports organization in the way it uses YouTube to promote itself, but when it comes to actual fight footage, the UFC's YouTube channel is slim pickings. It's great to see K-1 use its YouTube channel to give fans full fights for free.