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Dana White Takes Another Stab at Media Criticism

UFC President Dana White is back with another installment of his UFC 108 video blog (NSFW, strong language used), and in it he goes on a profane tirade about a member of the mixed martial arts media.

White was apparently irritated by this article by Jake Rossen, and he makes no secret of that irritation in his latest video blog.

"Like I give a f**k what Jake Rossen thinks," White says. "We've made this thing grow despite all the d**ks that write on Sherdog."

(From my perspective, knowing Rossen as an MMA media colleague who edits Real Fighter as well as writing for Sherdog and, I think Jake is a consummate professional and a good guy.)

This isn't White's first stab at media criticism: His most famous video blog to date was the one in which he attacked Sherdog writer Loretta Hunt. The UFC later took that video down, and White apologized for using a homophobic slur in the video. I wouldn't anticipate the UFC taking this one down, but I do think White's harsh reactions indicate that he does, in fact, give a f**k what members of the MMA media think.

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