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Ikuhisa Minowa Channels 'Drunken Master' for Sokoudjou Fight

It's unusual to find Ikuhisa Minowa facing an opponent comparable to his size, but that doesn't mean he can't find an unusual way to jokingly train for him.

In the past he's chased flying airplanes, practiced slipping punches by avoiding baseballs in a batting cage and taken abuse from bamboo sticks while sitting on the shoulders of a training partner.

In September, Minowa trained sumo wrestling for his Super Hulk semifinal matchup against Hong-Man Choi, whom he would submit with a kneebar to accept a New Year's Eve meeting in the finals with Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou.

To prepare for Saturday's fight at Dynamite!! 2009, Minowa's latest quirky practice activity appears to be "Drunken Fist (drunken boxing)," a style of martial arts which feature fighting techniques simulating an inebriated individual.

In the video above, Minowa takes a big swig of water and channels his inner Jackie Chan.

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