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Dan Henderson: 'Jake Shields Will Probably Be My First Fight'

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Without a single fight under the Strikeforce banner, Dan Henderson already has his sights set on challenging the promotion's top fighters -- who all happens to be in three different weight classes.

"When Dan Henderson looks at you in the eyes and says 'I want to fight those guys,'" Scott Coker said Saturday. "He's not kidding. He wants to fight the world's best. And Fedor's here, Gegard Mousasi is here and Jake Shields is here, and those are three big fights for him."

Henderson, who can fight comfortably at both middleweight and light heavyweight, has jumped classes before with great success. He's the only person to hold both the PRIDE 183-pound and 205-pound titles at the same time.

"The tougher the matchup, the more exciting it is for me," Henderson told the media Saturday. "It's just one of the things I love, the challenge. And all three of those guys are going to challenge me."

Henderson has agreed to debut in April on Strikeforce's sequel event on CBS and his first Strikeforce fight will likely be for the promotion's middleweight championship.

But don't expect Henderson to immediately go after Mousasi and Fedor just yet. If he beats Jake Shields for the title, the Team Quest captain plans to make at least one belt defense.

"After coming off my last fight at 185, it's just a natural choice to start," Henderson said. "And if I do fight Jake Shields, which will probably be my first fight, I will probably defend the title (at least once).

"We'll see what happens but that's definitely a good possibility for my first fight," Henderson continued. "We'll have to talk to Scott here and hopefully Jake doesn't run back down to 170."

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