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Undercard Fighters Sweep UFC 107 Awards

MEMPHIS -- BJ Penn and Frank Mir might have turned the most heads with their performances at UFC 107, but the event was so full of action-packed fights than neither veteran could crack the nightly awards.

In fact, no main card fighter was able to earn an award, all of which paid $65,000 and all of which went to undercard fighters.

The Fight of the Night went to Alan Belcher and Wilson Gouveia. Despite the fact their bout went only 3:03, it was a head-to-head striking affair in which neither would back down. Gouveia was the first to blink, getting rocked by a body shot, uppercut combination. Belcher, who for a time lived in Memphis, followed up with heavy strikes from the top for the finish.

"I want to show that I can finish fights," said Belcher, who wore pink shorts in honor of the daughter he and his wife are expecting. "I can knock guys out. I came into the UFC and I was young. All I knew was the UFC. But now I'm ready to step up and be the next contender. I want that belt."

Submission of the Night, also worth $65,000, went to DeMarques Johnson for his slick triangle submission over Edgar Garcia.

Johnson had just gotten floored by a strike, but kept his wits. He connected with an upkick that buckled Garcia to his knees, where he fell right into Johnson's triangle for the finish.

"I can't really remember much because he hits so hard," Johnson said afterward.

Knockout of the Night went to TJ Grant, who scored a first-round stoppage over Kevin Burns in the event opener, coming back after being hurt from a big blow earlier in the fight.

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