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UFC 107: Kenny Florian Submits Clay Guida

Kenny Florian defeated Clay Guida by second-round submission in a bloody lightweight bout at UFC 107.

In the first round Guida opened up a small cut over Florian's right eye in the early going, and then in the middle of the round Florian opened an enormous cut on Guida's forehead with a slashing elbow. Guida's face was a bloody mess after that, to the point where the referee halted the action and asked the ringside doctor to check him out. But the doctor said Guida could fight on.

In the second round it was all Florian. On their feet Florian got the better of the punching exchanged and used a hard right hand to knock Guida down, and once he had Guida on the ground he quickly pounced and sunk in a rear-naked choke.

"Tonight was my night," Florian said afterward. "Clay Guida is a phenomenal fighter. ... Clay Guida is amazing. Thank you for taking this fight."

Florian mentioned that he had been working on sharpening up his boxing, and it showed in the second round when he dropped Guida. It was a very impressive showing for Florian, who improved his record to 12-4. Guida falls 25-11.

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