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UFC 107: Preview and Predictions on B.J. Penn vs. Diego Sanchez

UFC 107 is the best pay-per-view card MMA fans are going to have for a long time, so if you're going to buy a pay-per-view, this is the one. We've got the full preview of the five pay-per-view fights below.

What: UFC 107: Penn vs. Sanchez

When: The non-televised undercard starts at 7PM ET Saturday and the pay-per-view card starts at 10.

Where: FedEx Forum, Memphis

Predictions on the five pay-per-view fights:

B.J. Penn vs. Diego Sanchez
The lightweight championship of the world is on the line, and my basic feeling is that if Penn is in shape and motivated, no one is going to beat him at 155 pounds. So is Penn in shape and motivated? I believe he is. His loss to Georges St. Pierre hasn't completely convinced him to stop thinking about fighting at welterweight, but I think it has convinced him that his best chance for creating a lasting legacy is to dominate the lightweight division, and I think he'll continue to do that against Sanchez.
Predicted winner: Penn

Frank Mir vs. Cheick Kongo
I know some people aren't wild about the co-main event, but I'm very excited about this fight, which I view as the classic contrast of styles between Mir, the jiu jitsu specialist, and Kongo, the striker. It's probably going to come down to the fact that Mir is at least competent in the stand-up game, while Kongo is horrible on the ground.
Predicted winner: Mir

Kenny Florian vs. Clay Guida
This is sort of the lightweight consolation fight, as Florian's last fight was a loss to Penn and Guida's last fight was a loss to Sanchez. Guida's a hard-charging brawler whom the fans love to watch, but Florian is so much more skilled as a martial artist that I have a really hard time seeing Guida winning this one.
Predicted winner: Florian

Jon Fitch vs. Mike Pierce
As much as I like the UFC 107 card, I'd love it if Thiago Alves hadn't gotten hurt and pulled out of his fight with Fitch. Pierce is a former college wrestler who impressed me by beating Brock Larson in his UFC debut, but I don't see any way he beats Fitch, the No. 2 welterweight in the world.
Predicted winner: Fitch

Paul Buentello vs. Stefan Struve
Struve has great submission skills and a lanky 6-foot-11 frame that makes him a difficult match-up for any opponent -- and at age 21 this is already his fourth UFC fight. Buentello, who once fought for the UFC title, is returning to the Octagon after an absence of nearly four years, and although he's got more polish and better stand-up than Struve, I think struve will get him to the ground and submit him.
Predicted winner: Struve

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