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Stronger, Leaner Paul Buentello at UFC 107

I've always found Paul Buentello to be a likable guy, and he has undeniable punching power, but I've questioned whether he was dedicated enough to conditioning to compete against elite opponents. But perhaps that's changing.

Buentello told FanHouse's Mike Chiappetta bout his increased emphasis on getting himself into physical shape, and the above video shows him seriously pushing himself in the gym.

As he prepares for Saturday night's UFC 107 fight with Stefan Struve, Buentello describes his workouts as "Kind of mimicking what I go through in a fight with cardio, weightlifting and power exertion, basically working on muscle endurance."

Buentello acknowledges that he hasn't always had the endurance that an MMA fighter needs.

"I could have the best cardio but once that lactic acid built up in your muscles you just can't push anymore," Buentello says. "It's a needed thing that I needed a long time ago."

Overall, Buentello says, the fighter we're going to see at UFC 107 is going to be a much better-conditioned fighter than we've seen in the past.

"You're going to see a more improved Paul Buentello," he said. "I'll be stronger, a little bit leaner and a little bit lighter."

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