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Cheick Kongo Plans to Shut Frank Mir's Big Mouth

Frank Mir recently said that his opponent Saturday night at UFC 107, Cheick Kongo, has the worst ground game in the UFC heavyweight division.

Kongo is looking forward to getting an opportunity to shut Mir's mouth.

Kongo says that when he beats Mir on Saturday night it will be "The end of the reign of the big mouth, Frank Mir."

According to Kongo, this fight is going to be personal because, "He talks too much, too much, too much. He's not a pretty person, he just talks good. I can show him the way to be positive and respectful. I've trained very hard for this victory so it's not a game."

I consider Kongo vs. Mir to be a great match-up, a fun fight that will show a good contrast of styles between Kongo's striking and Mir's Brazilian jiu jitsu. Unfortunately for Kongo, though, I don't think he's going to be able to keep the fight standing, and once it goes to the ground Mir will show that he's correct in his assessment of Kongo's ground skills. I like Kongo to make things interesting by landing some solid strikes early, but ultimately Mir will win by submission.

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