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A Disappointing Ultimate Fighter Finale

Let's review what happened at Saturday night's Ultimate Fighter Finale.

1. The biggest draw was a battle between Kimbo Slice and Houston Alexander in which fans were told to expect a slugfest between two brawlers. It turned into a fairly dull decision in which both guys spent most of the fight waiting for the other one to throw a punch.

2. The fight that looked like the best match-up on paper, Jon Jones vs. Matt Hamill, consisted of Hamill taking a savage beating only to win the fight by disqualification when it was ruled that Jones landed an illegal elbow. Even after he used instant replay for the first time in Nevada MMA history, it's still not clear whether referee Steve Mazzagatti made the right ruling -- it was apparently a broken shoulder, not damage from Jones' elbow, that prevented Hamill from continuing -- and the TV announcers wrongly told the viewers at home that Jones had won.

3. The main event was a mismatch won by a morbidly obese guy who walked to the Octagon with Weird Al Yankovic's "Fat" playing over the arena sound system.

4. The first fight on the televised portion of the card matched up a couple of former NFL players who have a long, long way to go before they're ready for prime time in MMA, with one of those former NFL players -- the very likeable former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Marcus Jones -- losing by knockout and showing he has no defense and no chin.

When the ratings come in, I'm sure we'll learn that this was one of the most-watched MMA shows in American television history. Does anyone think this show was MMA putting its best foot forward?

I sure don't. I don't think Kimbo has much to be proud of in his win over Alexander. I think Hamill would be the first to tell you that he doesn't have much to be proud of in his win over Jones. I admit that I laughed when Roy Nelson came out to "Fat," but I don't think his inability to get himself into shape reflects very well on him, on the UFC or on MMA. And I think the sport should be trying to attract fans on its own merits, not by bringing in former NFL players like Jones, Matt Mitrione or, in the case of Strikeforce, Herschel Walker.

Overall, I thought this card was a disappointing showing from the UFC. Fortunately, we're now just six days away from UFC 107, an excellent card that is worthy of the fans' pay-per-view dollars. A week from now, we'll be able to enjoy those fights and forget the disappointment that was the Ultimate Fighter Finale.