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Roy Nelson KOs Brendan Schaub, Wins The Ultimate Fighter

Roy Nelson is the winner of the 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter.

A big, fat heavyweight with big power, Nelson dispatched Brendan Schaub with a brutal knockout punch, landing a right hook to the ear that knocked Schaub cold at the Ultimate Fighter Finale Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Schaub landed a few good punches in the opening moments of the fight, but Nelson quickly took him down and controlled him. Although Nelson had Schaub down for more than a minute, Schaub was able to get back on his feet without taking much damage.

But when the fight went back to the feet, Nelson bided his time before landing that powerful punch that finished the fight in the first round.

"Actually, i have been working with my striking coach," the former IFL champ said. "Our plan was to bang it out a little bit."

The 263-pound, big-bellied Nelson entered the fight to Weird Al Yankovic's "Fat," and that's an appropriate song because he looks more like a couch potato than an athlete.

"I'm feeling pretty good," Nelson said afterward. "I'm going to go get Burger King. ... I'm just a fat guy. That's OK."

But no matter how much he and others talk about his weight, Nelson can fight, and he proved that in the Octagon on Saturday night.

"It was one of those things to show the fans who 'Big Country' is," Nelson said.

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