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Steve Mazzagatti: I Won't Let Dana White Beat Me Down

UFC President Dana White frequently rips referee Steve Mazzagatti, saying he has no business in the Octagon. Now Mazzagatti has responded, saying he's not going to let White get him down.

"Referees aren't there to be popular ... I'm not gonna let it beat me down," Mazzagatti said on HDNet's Inside MMA. "I've got a job to do and I pride myself on doing the best job I can."

White is right that Mazzagatti has made some crucial errors as a referee, and White is right to be troubled by those errors. On the other hand, as long as Big John McCarthy -- unquestionably the best referee in MMA history -- is being blackballed from the UFC, I have to question whether White is really committed to getting the best refs in the Octagon that he can.

Video via MMA Convert.

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