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Remy Bonjasky Would Rather Have Ali's Brains Than Tyson's Brawn

As the heavyweight champion of the world in the 1980s and 1990s, Mike Tyson inspired a generation of fighters. But one fighter who came of age when Tyson was the best in the world, Dutch kickboxer Remy Bonjasky, says he'd rather emulate the mental approach of Muhammad Ali than the physical approach of Tyson.

"There are some fighters who do it with a lot of brawn and instinct, like Mike Tyson," Bonjasky told Michael Schiavello. "But I see more in fighters like Muhammad Ali, a lot of brains, uses his brain real well. That's more for me."

Bonjasky is my pick to win the K-1 World Grand Prix Final on Saturday in large part because of his mental approach to his fights. Badr Hari, whom Bonjasky beat in last year's final, has a Tyson-style approach, and that makes him the fan favorite. But I prefer a more cerebralfighter, and that's what Bonjasky is.