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Semmy Schilt Favored to Win K-1 World Grand Prix Final 2009

Bodog is now taking bets on Saturday's K-1 World Grand Prix Final 2009, and three-time champion Semmy Schilt is the betting favorite. Full odds below.

Semmy Schilt - 11/4
Alistair Overeem - 3/1
Badr Hari - 4/1
Remy Bonjasky - 5/1
Jerome Le Banner - 13/1
Errol Zimmerman - 14/1
Ruslan Karaev - 19/1
Ewerton Teixeira - 20/1
Field (Any other fighter not listed) - 6/1

My own personal bet would be on Remy Bonjasky. He's been my pick since the draw was announced, and he's still my pick. At 5-1, I like those odds a lot.

I would also consider placing a long shot bet on Teixeira at 20-1. K-1 announcer Michael Schiavello has written about how Teixeira's game plan might be the right one to defeat Overeem, and if Teixeira does get past Overeem, anything could happen after that.

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