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Badr Hari 'Getting Better Every Day'

Badr Hari is entering Saturday's K-1 World Grand Prix Final as one of the fan favorites largely because he has an exciting, hard-punching, even brawling style. But he says his training is all about focusing on becoming a more technical fighter.

"Just simple training," Hari says. "I'm growing every day. I'm getting stronger every day. I'm getting more technical every day. Every day I understand the game of fighting more. I'm just growing every day. Every time I add new things to my training so I can get better. I change every day, and in one year again I'll be better, and I'll be getting better every year."

It's exciting to think about what kind of fighter Hari can become as he continues to focus his training. A Badr Hari who's getting better is a scary opponent for anyone.

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