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Frank Mir: Cheick Kongo Has Worst Ground Game in Heavyweight Division

Frank Mir is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt whose ground skills are some of the best in the UFC's heavyweight division. And Mir says that his opponent at UFC 107, Cheick Kongo, might be the UFC's worst heavyweight on the ground.

"Obviously his wrestling is not the best wrestling," Mir said of Kongo. "The fight with Cain Velasquez he was getting mauled for 15 minutes ... very poor technique, had no answer. ... No one is shocked by the fact that his ground game is amongst some of the worst ground game we have in the heavyweight division. I hope to take advantage of that. I feel that I'm pretty decent on the ground. ... I feel that if I get on the ground it's to my advantage, to win the fight."

I think it's safe to say that Mir is correct about that, although it's a little unusual for a fighter to offer such a candid critique of an opponent. In a kickboxing battle Kongo would have a good shot against Mir, but until Kongo shapes up his ground game, he's going to have a very hard time beating an elite heavyweight like Mir.

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