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UFC 107 Video: Diego Sanchez Already the Champion in His Mind?

The UFC is out with its latest promotional video, this one hyping the main event for UFC 107, Diego Sanchez vs. B.J. Penn for the lightweight championship of the world. And the video includes a rather strange quote.

"In his mind," the narrator tells us, "Diego 'Nightmare' Sanchez is already champion."

Really? Sanchez is already the champion in his mind? In his mind he doesn't actually have to beat Penn before getting the title belt? I suppose I could see the "in his mind he is already champion" line being used for someone like Shogun Rua -- who lost a controversial decision in his fight with light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida -- but it doesn't make much sense for Sanchez.

Somehow I don't think Sanchez himself would actually say that he's the champion in his own mind. He knows he has the toughest test of his career when he takes on Penn, and Sanchez is an underdog for a reason.He'll wait until he actually beats the champion before he makes any claims about being the champion.

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