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Travis Fulton vs. Jeremy Bullock: Worst MMA Mismatch Ever

Here's something we can be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend: MMA has advanced past the days when fans and fighters were subjected to disgusting mismatches like Travis Fulton vs. Jeremy Bullock. has a list of the Top 50 MMA Dominations, and Fulton's knockout slam of Bullock at a 1998 Extreme Challenge event came in at No. 1.

Fulton vs. Bullock is a good example of a fight that never should have happened. Fulton was a 200-pound brawler who had already been in dozens of fights. Bullock was a 170-pound taekwondo instructor who had no experience at all in MMA. Just 44 seconds into the bout, Fulton picked Bullock up, slammed him to the canvas, and badly hurt him.

To Fulton's credit, he realized immediately -- before the referee did -- that Bullock was hurt, and he stopped at once. He also checked on Bullock to see if he was OK, and he didn't engage in any kind of post-fight celebration. Fulton showed a lot of class.

Fortunately, although Bullock suffered a back injury, he reportedly made a full recovery and went back to teaching taekwondo. He never had another MMA fight, though.

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