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Jason MacDonald Hoping to End Career in UFC on His Terms

Jason MacDonald was once considered to be one of the top rising stars in the UFC's middleweight division, but the organization released him in April after losing five of his last eight fights in the Octagon. "The Athlete" is now looking to rebuild his career in one of the organizations that helped make him into a prospect: Canada's Maximum Fighting Championships. Unfortunately for MacDonald, his MFC return didn't go as planned, as he lost a unanimous decision to Travis Lutter in October. The loss marked his third in a row, but MacDonald is still confident that a few consecutive wins will land him a spot, once again, in the UFC.

FanHouse spoke to MacDonald at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas last week about his upcoming fight against Solomon Hutcherson at MFC 23 on Dec. 4 and what he needs to do get his career back on track. The full video interview is below.

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