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UFC 110 Video: Wanderlei Silva Talks Michael Bisping Fight

Wanderlei Silva has confirmed that he will fight Michael Bisping (not Yoshihiro Akiyama, as previously reported) at UFC 110. And he uploaded a video to his YouTube chanel explaining why this fight is so important to him.

"I'm going to sign this week," Silva says. "All my friends say 'Hey kick his ass.' ... I don't know this so much...but for my fans, I'm going to kick the Bisping ass. ... I need this victory. This is a very, very important fight in my career, because I want to go back to the top."

I'm skeptical that Silva will ever be back on top, but I do like this fight, and I think Silva has the right style to take it to Bisping.

Video via Bloody Elbow.

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