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UFC 106 Medical Suspensions

Forrest Griffin, who revealed to the crowd a broken foot injury following Saturday's UFC 106 fight in Las Vegas, will be required to have his right foot x-rayed and cleared by a doctor or he will not be allowed to compete until May 21, 2010.

Griffin, who won a split decision over Tito Ortiz, received a minimum suspension of 30 days with no contact for three weeks.

Luiz Cane received a minimum suspension until Jan. 6, 2010 and up to a maximum of six months. To shorten his suspension, Cane must have his right orbital fracture cleared by a doctor.

Brock Larson and Marcus Davis both incurred broken noses and need to be cleared by a doctor or will be suspended until May 21, 2010.

Jason Dent will need to have his left knee cleared by a doctor in order to compete before May 21, 2010.

Here are the rest of the suspensions:

  • Anthony Johnson until Dec. 22, no contact until Dec. 13
  • Paulo Thiago (nasal bridge cuts) until Dec. 22, no contact until Dec. 13
  • Jacob Volkmann (scalp and nasal bridge cuts), no contact until Dec. 6
  • Phil Baroni (eyebrow and scalp cuts) until Jan. 6, 2010, no contact until Dec. 22
  • George Sotiopoulos (cut over left eyebrow) until Dec. 22, no contact until Dec. 13

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