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UFC 106 Live Blog: Josh Koscheck vs. Anthony Johnson Updates

This is the UFC 106 live blog for Josh Koscheck vs. Anthony Johnson, a welterweight bout on tonight's pay-per-view.

Johnson can win his fourth straight UFC fight and solidify himself as a top 10 welterweight with a win over Koscheck.

The live blog begins below.

Round 1: Johnson is significantly bigger than Koscheck, who opens with a left hook. Johnson tries a head kick that is blocked. Koscheck lands a pair of rights, but Johnson shrugs them off. Johnson comes over the top with a right of his own, but just misses. Johnson with a snapping jab followed by an inside leg kick. Johnson hurt Koscheck with a right. He clinches and tries a takedown, but lost his grip. Johnson ends up with better position. Johnson hit a knee to Koscheck's face while he was down, and timeout is called for the illegal blow. Koscheck looked badly hurt. The replay was inconclusive of whether Johnson actually hit him in the face. After a long break, they restart the fight. Johnson lands heavy kicks to the leg. Koscheck looks for the takedown. Johnson holds it off for a while but Koscheck eventually drags him down with about 45 seconds to go. He tries to put his hooks in for a choke, but can't do it. Wild round.

Round 2: Early in the round, Johnson gets poked in the eye, and we need another timeout. He recovers quickly and we restart. Koscheck lands a left high kick. A few seconds later, Johnson gets poked in the eye a second time, and we need a third timeout. This one was bad. Another restart. Johnson buckles Koscheck with a left hook. Koscheck goes for a takedown, successfully with about 2:45 left. Koscheck lands a series of solid elbows, cutting Johnson open. Johnson struggles to escape, but Koscheck keeps the pressure on. Koscheck looks for the rear naked choke and gets it as the round nearly runs out.

Winner: Koscheck by rear naked choke

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