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UFC 106 Live Blog: Ben Saunders vs. Marcus Davis Round-by-Round Updates

This is the UFC 106 live blog for Ben Saunders vs. Marcus Davis, the second of two bouts on tonight's Spike TV card.

Saunders and Davis share losses at UFC 99 in June to fighters at last weekend's no. 1 contender bout between Mike Swick and Dan Hardy at UFC 105. Saunders lost by TKO to Swick, while Davis lost a split decision to Hardy.

The live blog begins below.

Round 1: Davis and Saunders clinch against the cage early, but neither man lands much. Saunders gets the clinch and lands knees. Davis tries a trip takedown, but fails. Saunders, at 6-foot-3, towers over Davis, who appears intent on staying on the inside. Davis is cut from a knee. Saunders gets another clinch and adds more knees. Saunders' reach advantage connects from the outside. Another clinch and Saunders lands a pair of devastating knees that put Davis out. This is the first time Davis has been KO'd.

Winner: Saunders via KO

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