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UFC 106: Ben Saunders KOs Marcus Davis With Brutal Knees

Rebounding from a tough loss at UFC 99 in June, Ben Saunders got back on the winning track Saturday night at UFC 106, defeating Marcus Davis by first-round knockout in a fight that showed some off some absolutely vicious knee strikes.

Saunders has worked hard at developing his muay Thai striking, and that showed on Saturday night: Saunders got Davis in the Thai clinch and landed hard knees very early in the first round, bloodying Davis's face in the process. When Davis broke free, Saunders relentlessly pursued him, got the clinch again, and kneed him into unconsciousness. The first-round knockout was the best showing of Saunders' career, and a sharp contrast with the way he fought in his UFC 99 loss to Mike Swick.

"I've been working my clinch a lot. I didn't get to show it to you all in the Swick fight. I apologize to you for that. I knew I had to come out here tonight and represent and make up for that."

Saunders showed respect to the older, more experienced Davis after the fight, saying, "He's got so much talent and experience. I just hope I can be in his position in 10 years."

Davis is now on a two-fight losing streak and, at age 36 with a record of 16-6, is nearing the end of his MMA career. But Saunders, who improved his record to 8-1-2,has big things ahead of him. This was a dominant performance.

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