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UFC 106 Amir Sadollah Beats Phil Baroni by Unanimous Decision

Amir Sadollah earned his first victory in the Octagon since winning Season 7 of The Ultimate Fighter at UFC 106 Saturday night in Las Vegas, defeating Phil Baroni by unanimous decision in a bloody mess of a fight.

It was a violent and action-packed first round, with Baroni and Sadollah going toe-to-toe for all five minutes. Baroni got the better of the early exchanges, but Sadollah came back in a big way and landed some hard punches and knees late in the round, badly cutting Baroni's face.

In the second round Sadollah started using his kicks more effectively, and Baroni had no answer for it: Whether Sadollah kicked Baroni's legs, his body or his head, Baroni was an easy target.

By the third round Baroni was totally exhausted and having trouble standing on his left leg, which Sadollah pelted with kicks. Sadollah totally dominated the third, and although Baroni wouldn't back down, he was getting badly hurt in the stand-up.

The judges scored it 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Sadollah.

"Stepping in with Baroni and fighting someone as tough as that was huge," Sadollah said afterward. "I loved it."

The fight was set up more because it was a marketable match-up than because either guy is particularly skilled, but they turned it into an entertaining slugfest, if not a display of great skill. Sadollah improved his MMA record to 2-1. Baroni falls to 13-12.

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