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MMA Top 10 Women's Pound for Pound: Cyborg? Larosa? Fuji? Kaufman

Watching Kerry Vera beat Kim Couture on Friday night, I was thinking about the current state of women's MMA and how hard it is to determine who the top fighters are.

Women's MMA is still in its infancy and it's nearly impossible to identify which fighters can really fight (like I think Vera can), which fighters are a step below (like I think Couture is) and which fighters really shouldn't even be in the cage (like I think would be a fair way to describe Couture's one-time opponent Lina Kvokov).

So I've put together my own list of the top 10 pound-for-pound fighters in women's MMA, and I want you to give me your suggestions in the comments, in e-mail or to me on Twitter @MichaelDavSmith.

1. Cris Cyborg
2. Tara Larosa
3. Megumi Fuji
4. Sarah Kaufman
5. Miku Matsumoto
6. Marloes Coenen
7. Yuka Tsuji
8. Erin Toughill
9. Hitomi Akano
10. Gina Carano

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