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WEC 44 Medical Suspensions

Former WEC champions Mike Brown and "Razor" Rob McCullough have been issued short precautionary medical suspensions following Wednesday's WEC 44 event in Las Vegas.

Brown (lacerations above both of his eyes) and McCullough (cut on right eye and left hand contusion) have been suspended by the Nevada athletic commission until Jan. 3, 2010, with no contact until Dec. 19.

Diego Nunes (orbital fracture on his right eye), Cub Swanson (broken left hand), Antonio Banuelos (fractured nose) suffered more severe injuries and will have to be cleared by a doctor to avoid serving a six-month suspension.

Finally, Karen Darabedyan and Will Kerr have been suspended until Dec. 19 for each having a right cheek laceration.

LC Davis, Shane Roller, Daniel Castillo, Kamal Shalorus, Manny Gamburyan, Leonard Garcia and newly-crowned featherweight champ Jose Aldo received no suspensions.

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