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UFC 106 Video: Dana White Talks More About Brock Lesnar's Health

UFC President Dana White is out with his first UFC 106 video blog, and he briefly discusses the health of UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, saying that Lesnar is home from the hospital. There are few specifics on Lesnar's illness, but White expressed optimism that Lesnar will recover.

Video below, with the usual warning that there will be some profanity.

"I flew up to see Brock," White said in a video filmed Tuesday. "Brock was released from the hospital today, went home, and gonna wait a couple days, heal up, see how he feels, and then we're going to go get him checked out, get a full medical checkup, and hopefully he's OK and everything's going to work out with him."

We also see White mention that he's a big fan of Manny Pacquiao, and talk to UFC fighters about the importance of putting on exciting fights -- even suggesting that they might be better off losing a thriller than winning a dull decision.

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