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Spike TV: More Young Men Watched UFC 105 Than Strikeforce on CBS

The star power of Randy Couture and an undercard full of Ultimate Fighter winners was enough to give UFC 105 on Spike more young male viewers than Strikeforce on CBS got a week earlier, Spike TV said Wednesday.

Spike said in a press release that UFC 105 topped Strikeforce in all the young demographics that advertisers covet, and that it blew Strikeforce away in the male 18-24 demographic.

Spike also said that its 994,000 18-to-34-year-old male viewers were the most of anything on television, broadcast or cable, on Saturday night, topping regular programming that included college football on several channels.

Spike didn't match the total viewers that CBS got with Strikeforce; almost 2 million more people watched Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers as watched Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera. But Spike did show once again that the UFC is a juggernaut in attracting young men.

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