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MMA Top 10 Heavyweights: Fedor Is Surging, UFC Is Reeling

Fedor Emelianenko demonstrated once again last weekend that he is the best heavyweight in mixed martial arts, beating a game Brett Rogers by second-round TKO on CBS.

Meanwhile, the UFC's heavyweight division is reeling: Champion Brock Lesnar is battling a serious illness, No. 1 contender Shane Carwin is recovering from a knee injury, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is suffering from staph infection. So while the UFC still has most of the Top 10 heavyweights in MMA, Dana White can't feel great about the heavyweight division right now.

My rankings are below.

Top 10 Heavyweights in MMA
1. Fedor Emelianenko
2. Brock Lesnar
3. Frank Mir
4. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
5. Shane Carwin
6. Josh Barnett*
7. Alistair Overeem
8. Cain Velasquez
9. Junior dos Santos
10. Brett Rogers

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