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UFC 105 Live Blog: Ross Pearson vs. Aaron Riley Round-by-Round Updates

This is the UFC 105 live blog for Ross Pearson vs. Aaron Riley, a lightweight bout on tonight's Spike TV card.

The Ultimate Fighter 9 155-pound winner Pearson faces off against the gritty veteran, Riley.

The live blog begins below.

Round 1: They size each other up. The southpaw Riley throws a left punch. Pearson looks to set up his straight right punch. They clinch at the 3:17 mark. Pearson goes to work with knees and uppercuts on Riley, who is against the cage. They clinch again and Pearson lands a left hook. Pearson connects with a kick to the body. They battle in clinch with Pearson winning the exchanges. Riley grabs a single-leg and lets go. Pearson with more knees from the clinch.

FanHouse scores the round 10-9 for Pearson.

Round 2: Riley tries for a kick but gets countered with a punch. Pearson engages by closing in with the clinch and they trade knees. Riley tries a toss, but Pearson defends. They fight in clinch again and Pearson lands shots. Pearson gives Riley problems with punch combos. Pearson gets in clinch and scores with knees. Pearson moves in with punches. Pearson lands a beautiful flying knee and Riley's face is a mess. The referee pauses the fight for the doctor to examine Riley's cut. The doctor stops the fight.

Pearson wins by TKO - Round 2, 4:38

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