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Kazuo Misaki Is a Freelance 'Hitman'

Don't call him the "Grabaka Hitman."

2006 PRIDE GP champion Kazuo Misaki announced Monday that he has left his camp of nine years, the Grabaka Gym based out of Nakano, Tokyo.

Misaki, who holds wins over Dan Henderson and Denis Kang, is arguably the most successful product out of the Grabaka Gym, a team founded by former Pancrase champion Sanae Kikuta that houses Sengoku competitors the likes of Kei Yamamiya, Kazuori Yokota and Akihiro Gono. Another notable name is the retired Genki Sudo, who trained with Grabaka when he was active.

No word on where Misaki will move his camps to next, but the move was under good terms and for Misaki to make a fresh start.

Misaki last fought in August, rendering Kazuhiro Nakamura unconscious with a guillotine choke in a fight that would have earned him a shot at the Sengoku middleweight title had Misaki not been arrested for fleeing the police after being pulled over for talking on the cell phone while driving.

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