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UFC 105 Video: Michael Bisping 'Embarrassed' by Dan Henderson KO

Michael Bisping will return to the Octagon on Saturday for the first time since he was knocked cold by Dan Henderson at UFC 100 -- a knockout that he now describes as an embarrassing experience.

"There's no secret I got knocked out in my last fight, and sitting there and being all touchy about it isn't going to help. I'll be the first one to take a piss out of myself. I lost the fight. I got knocked out on the world's biggest stage. A lot of people get caught. That's the way mixed martial arts is. My pride's hurt. It was embarrassing. I'm embarrassed. A lot of people were watching all over the world, the biggest UFC to date, and I got knocked out. I'm embarrassed. I've lost a bit of respect in the fighting world and I want to take that respect back. First thing on the list is beating Denis Kang."

I don't think Bisping needs to be embarrassed: He got beaten by a better fighter, and there's nothing embarrassing about that. My biggest question about Bisping is where he is psychologically. That's a question Kang raised when I interviewed him -- Kang said he wonders whether Bisping is going to turn into a tentative fighter because he doesn't want to suffer another brutal knockout.

I have a feeling Bisping is going to come back stronger from the Henderson knockout. There's no question that it's what's driving him as he prepares to fight Kang.

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