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Jake Shields Shoots for Lucky 13 Against 'Annoying' Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILL. -- Jake Shields and Jason "Mayhem" Miller, who will meet on Saturday night for the vacant Strikeforce middleweight title, don't have very much in common. You'll never find Jake Shields dancing on the way to the cage or wearing a big fur coat at a press conference, but unlike some of Miller's past opponents, his antics don't seem to bother Shields all that much.

"I think at times he can be a little goofy and annoying, but nothing personal against the guy," Shields said.

FanHouse spoke to the former (and only) EliteXC welterweight champion on Thursday about his improved striking game, his current 12-fight winning streak, fighting for the third time on CBS, and whether he will ever move back down to the 170-pound division. The video interview is below.

Shot and edited by E. Casey Leydon.

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