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Georges St.-Pierre 100 Percent, Plans to Fight in March or April

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre says the abductor muscle he tore at UFC 100 is completely healed, and he's expecting to fight again in March or April.

"My abductor muscle is pretty much 100 percent now," he says. "I'm back in training and I'm just waiting to see who will be next. ... They haven't told me any date yet, but maybe around March, April, we'll see how it goes."

The UFC has said St. Pierre will defend his title against the winner of next weekend's UFC 105 bout between Mike Swick and Dan Hardy, and St. Pierre said, "Whoever wins the fight, whoever deserves the title shot, I'll be glad to fight him. They're both extremely dangerous fighters so I'll have to be well prepared to fight these guys."

It seems to me that if St. Pierre is already 100 percent, the UFC will want him to fight sooner than March or April. Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is sick, middleweight champion Anderson Silva has an elbow injury and light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida has a hand injury. Can the UFC really afford to keep a champion who's completely healthy on the shelf for that long?

Other notes from the GSP interview:
-- He thinks Shogun Rua deserved to beat Machida at UFC 104.
-- He doesn't plan to watch Saturday night's Strikeforce event: "I don't really watch MMA when I'm not involved in it and when one of my friends is not fighting."
-- He supports Lesnar's decision to pull out of his fight with Shane Carwin if he's not completely healthy.

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