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Brett Rogers Doesn't Want Bloggers to Think He's Boring

Brett RogersBrett Rogers is continuing to make the media rounds to promote his fight with Fedor Emelianenko Saturday night, and in an interview with Adam Carolla, he talked about his desire not just to win, but to entertain.

Rogers said he pays attention to what fans think of him and what is said about him on the Internet, and he said he's proud of his status as a 10-0 fighter who's won all of his fights in the kind of dominant fashion that leaves fans wanting more.
"I don't want to be -- ever -- in that category of being a boring fighter," Rogers said. "If I ever get in that category it's time to switch something up. I pay attention to the bloggers, what people say, and right now I'm in that category of people want to see what I'm going to do, and they're still curious about what I'm going to do on the ground, what my ground game is like."

Rogers certainly can't be accused of being a boring fighter, and I am curious to see what Rogers' ground game is like. I have to figure, though, that if we see Rogers on the ground on Saturday night, we're going to see him lose to Fedor. Rogers' only real chance of pulling off a monumental upset is to stand with Fedor and land a very hard punch. Nothing boring about that.

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