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UFC 105 Video: Mike Swick Shows Off His Workouts, Promotes His Fight

The latest MMA fighter to use YouTube to promote himself is Mike Swick, who's doing a series of video blogs to promote his UFC 105 fight with Dan Hardy. The first one is above.

The video is fairly interesting: We learn that Swick is serious enough about getting proper nutrition that he drinks some kind of disgusting green concoction because it's good for him, and we get to see Swick doing a workout where he alternates between one minute on a stationary bike and one minute doing circuit drills like mitt work, ropes or hitting bags.

But what I really want to mention about this is how easy it all is, and how crazy it is that upstart promotions don't have their fighters do the same thing: All you have to do is have somebody at your gym follow you along with a camera and upload the best footage to YouTube, and presto: You've got a promotional video that 10,000 or so MMA fans will watch.

It's been surprising to me that over the last few weeks, we haven't seen more of this from Strikeforce fighters. I think CBS has done a pretty good job of promoting its Saturday night main event of Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers, but why haven't we seen a Sokoudjou video blog or an Antonio Silva video blog? There are a lot of good fighters on the upcominig Strikeforce show, and not all of them are being promoted. Those fighters could learn a thing or two from Swick.

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