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Brett Rogers on ESPN

Fedor Emelianenko is meeting the media in Chicago today, but Brett Rogers is in Bristol, Connecticut, promoting their fight at ESPN headquarters, including the above appearance on ESPN First Take.

MMA is still at the point where any attention on ESPN is a good thing, and Rogers noted during his interview with Dana Jacobson that he was just thrilled to be invited to Bristol to spread the word. Part of Rogers' charm is that he's still so new to all this that he seems to genuinely enjoy the interviews.

As for the interview itself, Jacobson asked Rogers about his comment that jaws will drop when he fights Fedor (referencing this FanHouse interview), and Rogers said he's confident that after the fight, everyone will know his name. In reality, MMA hasn't reached the level of mainstream acceptance that everyone will know Rogers' name even if he does pull off one of hte biggest upsets in the history of the sport on Saturday night. But getting on ESPN is a step in the right direction.

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