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Roxanne Modafferi Sounds Like the Happiest Woman in State of Illinois

Roxanne Modafferi will get the opportunity of a lifetime on Saturday night when she faces Marloes Coenen on the Strikeforce undercard, and if time permits, the bout will air on CBS. But even though her fight isn't guaranteed to air on network television, Modaferri, who currently lives and trains in Japan, sounds more excited than anyone to just be a part of the card.

If you are curious as to just how excited the 13-4 fighter is, take a look at the massive smile she is sporting in her latest video blog, which was shot in her Hoffman Estates, Ill., hotel room.

And if that isn't enough proof, check out some of her recent MySpace blog posts, in which she talks about asking Coenen, a fighter she defeated in 2007, for her autograph, as well as being too shy to ask Emelianenko how to properly pronounce his name.

"So I met Marloes yesterday and I got her autograph. She was like, "I can't believe we're gonna fight and you're asking me to sign your magazine!"

Then I saw Fedor in Sports Authority with his Russian Posse (scary guys with long beards! XD) and introduced myself and shook his hand and got his autograph! Then we ran into each other again at the doctor's and he kind of winked at me as I was leaving. XD XD I was gonna ask him "How do I REALLY pronounce your name?" but I was nervous and forgot. ^^;;; I must have seemed like SUCH a fan girl..."

Now don't let her not-so-menacing looks or enthusiasm fool you: Modafferi is one of the best female fighters in the world, and she has earned the opportunity to fight on this card.

And while it is certainly refreshing to see and read about Modafferi's excitement heading into Saturday's event, I hope she has coaches with her who are reminding her that she didn't make the journey from Japan just to rub elbows with some of MMA's biggest names.


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