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UFC 105 Video: 'You Never Know...the Last Randy Couture Fight'?

The latest UFC promotional video to hit YouTube, this one hyping UFC 105, contains a rather surprising suggestion from UFC announcer Joe Rogan: Could this be your last chance to see Randy Couture fight?

"You never know when you're going to see the last Randy Couture fight," Rogan says. "He's a real freak of nature. I mean, it's really kind of incredible that he's able to compete with such young, tough, aggressive guys at 46 years of age. There's no one like that guy."

Rogan makes the suggestion that this could be the last Couture fight, but I'd be absolutely shocked if it turns out that way. Couture says in the video that he thinks he's better than he's ever been right now, and when I talked to Couture this week, he sounded like a man who believes he has several more big fights left in him.

It may be true that you never know when you'll see Couture's last fight, but then again you never know when you'll see anyone's last fight. When UFC 97 was promoted as a possible farewell fight for Chuck Liddell, that seemed reasonable enough. But UFC 105 isn't going to be the farewell fight for Randy Couture.

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