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Marius Zaromskis: Best Kicks in MMA

Marius Zaromskis is still known only to the hardest of the hard-core MMA fans in the United States, but if he keeps winning fights like he won his fight against Myeon Ho Bae Sunday at Dream 12, American fans will learn about him soon. Video below.

That was, amazingly, the third consecutive fight Zaromskis has won with a head kick: He beat both Jason High and Hayoto Sakurai the same way at Dream 10, winning Dream's welterweight tournament in the process. Those two wins were spectacular, but to do it again -- when his opponent obviously had to know it was coming -- is remarkable.

Although the UFC tends to dominate all discussion of the welterweight division, you can make a very good case that Zaromskis deserves to be considered one of the Top 10 welterweights in the world. And he's undoubtedly one of the most exciting. I hope Dream keeps him active.

If you missed Dream 12, it will re-air on HDNet Friday at 10:30 PM ET.

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