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Fedor Emelianenko Expects 'Surprise' From Brett Rogers

Fedor Emelianenko says he will need to stay sharp and be ready for anything against Brett Rogers in their Strikeforce heavyweight main event on Nov. 7.

In a blog penned Wednesday for, Fedor expressed his respect towards Rogers as a quality opponent for having proven himself with an undefeated record of 10 wins and acknowledged the Minnesotan slugger's variables as quickness and his powerful hands.

"I'm sure Rogers will want to surprise me with something," Fedor said (translated). "I need to be ready for anything."

Fedor also took the time to address criticism that he has fought against weaker opponents, stating that he believes there is no such thing as a weak opponent in MMA, as there are many nuances to a fighter's individual style and there is no predicting what a fighter can bring to a fight.

He says the complexity of the sport is where lies the beauty of mixed martial arts.

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