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Trevor Prangley on MFC Release: 'Legally I Did Nothing Wrong'

Light-heavyweight veteran Trevor Prangley believes he did not breach his contract with the Maximum Fighting Championship that led to his release from the Canadian promotion.

The MFC stated Monday that former UFC and Strikeforce competitor has been stripped of his 205-pound title and waived for accepting two outside fights, violating the exclusivity clause in his contract.

"I will not allow my organization and my title belts to be disrespected this way," MFC president Mark Pavelich said. "Trevor was treated with the utmost respect when he came to fight in the MFC, and in turn for him and his management to treat the MFC this way simply will not be tolerated."

When reached for comment, Prangley (21-5) claims he had informed the promotion of his intentions to fight and that he was allowed to do so because of an earlier contract.

"I really don't have much to say about it other than we tried getting a fight date from MFC and also tried getting permission to fight," Prangley told FanHouse. "This is my job, I have a family to feed and I got a fight assigned from a pre-existing contract so legally I did nothing wrong."

Prangley, who only fought once for the MFC in his championship win in May, says he plans to move on without contesting the MFC's actions.

"I have no hard feeling towards the MFC who like me were just protecting their best interests," Prangley said.

Prangley will fight next at a Shark Fight event in Texas for the local promotion's light heavyweight title.

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